Sunday, July 29, 2012

Preparing for next year

While the 2012 Olympics is on, and I have some downtime it has been a good time to get on with the View Finder Photography Society's 2013 calendar.  The club members each had a chance to put forward their work, to be selected during a image review session at the home of the club, Skidby.  The response from the members has been great and so there is some excellent material to use for the calendar.  I really hope they like it where it is printed and put on sale in September.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Joe C visits us

Last week was a big week for the Viewfinders Photography Society. For the past year (or more, it seems) we have been planning an event of some magnitude and last week was zero hour - Joe Cornish came to town - Cottingham Civic Hall to be precise - for about three hours. Joe was the nicest guy, and gave a super talk to the sell out seated audience.

I went mad and bought some raffle tickets (and won 7th prize) as well as buying one of the books Joe had on sale, which he kindly signed for me!

So a top evening you have to agree.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Making a contribution

Back in December I was very pleasantly surprised to be elected onto the organising committee of the ViewFinder Photographic Society, based in Skidby village hall. Actually 'surprised' is a bit of a laugh, I knew I'd been proposed (etc) and the voting process that took place was no secret. I actually had the opportunity to vote for myself. I could only expect to get one vote - mine. As it went I got enough support to be on the committee. So - many thanks to everyone who voted me in!

I really want to put back into the photography club as it gives so much to the members and that is worthwhile in my book. I have already given a presentation on RAW format photography, what it means, why it's important, why you should try it - or why you may not be interested. I plan to next do a presentation on the topic of flash photography some time in the next three months. Maybe even some practical demonstration in there...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Time lapse

Recently I was involved with a KC community project in East Hull - a great day with lots of free stuff. What could be better?

Using an SLR, tripod and a timer remote - image every 2s created 8,500 images during the day. Then nothing more than Windows Live Movie Maker and the following was produced.


Monday, August 08, 2011

Getting mothy in Derbyshire

A week ago I was in the Peak District. What a lovely place. So lovely it was plastered with other people, dogs, kids, crisp packets, coke cans... Mmmm. So while getting away from the crowds I came to a hilltop pasture with hundreds of thistles in flower and moths feeding on them. I've never seen this particular type before (out in the daytime for one thing). But enough of the narrative. This is a Burnet Moth (Zygaenidae)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Dales have it

I would love to spend more time taking photos. It's funny how more than one photographer I know has also said that. One of note was Dave Marshall (now retired) from Hornsea. Thanks for all you taught me Dave BTW.

I was recently in the Dales, near Masham. What an amazing location. Everywhere you look there is beauty, wildlife, amazing views... It's quite the place to return to on my own with a decent lens and body. However I made do with my G12 and got cracking and tried not to bore the wife with just one more shot before we move on...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring sprang, Canon G12 captures it

The Winter of 2010 was pretty bad, not as bad as far back as my childhood on the moors of North Yorkshire when the snow was piled higher than I could see over.

Its nice to see something growing, hawthorn is in full and rampant blossom everywhere in my part of the world. The dog, walking with me, cares not a jot about the renewal and growth on show. All she cares about is rabbit smells and chasing the rabbits for fun.

I obtained a Canon G12 while at FOCUS on Imaging - a simple shot of the blossom (on the left) brings much joy. The only gripe is with Canon's decision to not include a proper user manual. Shame on you Canon! You can obtain the advanced user manual as a PDF on the CD that comes with the G12 or order a printed version (a rather rustic print and spiral bound affair) from the Canon EOS Magazine.