Friday, November 12, 2004

Keyboard death

Today is the day I bury my old keyboard. Cherry. It died! I always thought it happened to other people but in the end it comes to us all (who use computers); I knocked a cup of tea over and it drowned the keyboard. It's an outrage. Although its not as though it hasn't done hard time. I had that keyboard for 6 years at least. And I used it every working day for 5 years. Not too bad for £8(UKP)

So I've been to local the emporium and purchased the very latest of Microsoft keyboard technology. I can't beleive how prices have gone up over 6 years. £15(UKP). Not a top flight model but adequate - more buttons that you could shake a stick at.

Maybe I'm getting too old but I don't really expect my keyboard to organise my life into neat, ordered catagories, wipe my backside and smile while it does it with irritating ease and efficiency. What will I do with all those [programmable] soft keys?

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