Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Taking pictures

The title of my blog gives it away. I'm a photographer in training; taking a night class at the local college to learn how to create pictures properly. I've been taking pictures for years and, although you can reach a certain standard, there is much more to learn.

This week my photgraphic compatriates and I have been sent to get shots of spider webs. At the weekend I got three good shots on bush with excellent orange berrys using a Canon 300D. The local shop printed them today and I have to be impressed with the service. Plug in the memory card, choose the images, choose the sizes and they come through and drop in the out-tray in about 30 seconds flat. Dry. Very impressive. I'll take them to class tonight and see what they think. Taking pictures on a cloudy, overcase day in November is pretty tough though.

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