Sunday, December 18, 2005

Custom colour

This weekend an opportunity to get some family moments in the camera presented when my son was entered in a Karate competition. He was not, outwardly, nervous and settled into his routine of preparation, talking too much (nervous) and being completely unable to sit still (still nervous).

The event was taking place in one of the sport centers, which look pretty much identical everywhere you go in the country. This one has a minor but important advantage; a white plastic coated steel panel roof. So what? So one can bounce one's flash from the roof. Flash lighting is ... well problematic shall we say? More so when you have it mounted on the camera. Studio flash is all very well but not portable and not suitable for taking to one's son's Kumite (it puts off the competitors - and you don't want to irritate Karate competitors).

So 1600 ASA was selected for the rather dim (by photography standards) Mercury lights. Now. Colour balance. What do you do? Normally I shoot RAW but then I have a problem when processing. So this time I chose to try out the feature of the EOS digital cameras I use and shot a white sample object in the Mercury lighting and selected the custom white balance option. From there each gamma corrected JPEG was properly balanced. Simple. Well, that how they want it to be. Sometimes you need to use the camera and all it's tools to get the best. RAW isn't everything as you need to be as talented as the camera's software or the end result is worse.

I'll post some sample pictures when I get them out of the camera and process them. Perhaps this week? Maybe.