Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding prep - Thorner village

Yesterday was an opportunity to visit next week's wedding location, check out the church and reception venue and meeting the couple together. I really like to see the locations in advance which is fine when they're local or in my home town (Beverley). This one was a bit further out in Thorner near Leeds.

The village is a very special spot, I have high hopes for the results. The church is magnificent and a village green 50 yards down the road (if the weather is kind) for a few groups. A small ford across the stream could be a nice place to get some informal portraits too. Then onto the village hall for reception, speeches... and the usual. However the hall is going through a refit and there's some finishing off yet to be done. Paint a door here (and there) and put the rest of the roof on.

Another good thing to find out when taking on a wedding 50 miles away is how long it takes to get there and the route to take. This time round the factory fitted VW sat-nav managed to loose the A1. I was on it and it disappeared. VW sat-navs like mine use a TeleAtlas map disc and the 2006 revision I have still has the old route of the A1?? How long is it since it was re-routed? Some time. Not impressed. D- for Teleatlas. The discs are not at all cheap and I'd expect major roads (like the A1) changes to be included ASAP. It's not rocket science.

Next week I will be ready. Shooting list ready. Equipment ready. I only the village hall is also ready - not to mention the bride and groom too.