Friday, December 19, 2008

Keeping up

The one thing about a blog is it's important to keep up with the posting. Yeah, I've not done well at that. I seem to be too busy to wedge this in. Well, I will try to do better. Maybe keep them shorter?

So, why the title "keeping up"? Well, someone said they had been scanning my blog (hence the above) and the other thing is the new photography hardware emerging on to the market.

Canon are the world leader in SLR technology - hands down (in numbers sold). Nikon are catching up fast with some very clever cameras. The press love to whip up a frenzy of interest in the new models; must have features and more bangs for less bucks in smaller boxes... whatnot. What do I think about it all? To me it's a lot of noise and not much substance. The main reason I have for buying new equipment is when the old gear breaks. A good friend said to me recently, we should stop worrying about spending money on the latest thing - just get out there and take more freaking pictures. Good advice. I subscribe to it.

Xmas is less than a week away. I hope Santa brings me something nice. I know it's not a new camera (my previous #1 body had a problem so it has gone). I'm biding my time and waiting for price drops in the New Year when the Canon 40D is dropped and the 50D will be even less than it is now, which is a lot less than when it launched a few months back... A 50D will be a good second body for extra insurance when on an assignment. Even better insurance is having a second photographer on location with me - which is the new plan for 2009.