Thursday, March 11, 2010

Highlights of Focus on Imaging 2010 - Brutus Östling

I've not been blogging much, well not here anyway. Too much time spent on other things.

This week was the closing days at FOCUS on Imaging at the Birmingham national exhibition center (NEC); I got myself there on the last day. All the usual fun of the fair including Canon, Nikon, TFS, Colourworld Imaging, Loxley Colour and a few others that I always got to see and chat to. Everyone was friendly, helpful and made the day what it is. Thanks to you all.

Of particular note, and the highlight for me, was a presentation on the Canon stand by Brutus Östling. I must admit that I did not know of Brutus before the show. However I will keep an eye on what he does from now on as he is producing some truly excellent work in his field - bird photography. When I say excellent I really mean *amazing*. He was so nice to his audience and even though English is not his first language he was very entertaining and funny. Keep it up Brutus.

I got myself a nice new long lens - perhaps I should blame Brutus for inspiration leading to an expensive day? Nah! I was gonna do it anyway.