Friday, January 14, 2011

Are we there yet?

... Are we there yet?

It comes every year, FOCUS on Imaging 2011 is nearly here. My ticket duly arrived this week, by magic carpet. I have been going so long (10 years eeek!) that I start to recognise some of the people there. Is that sad?

Last year I went bonkers and bought a very very tasty long lens. There are some extremely good prices so it's a good opportunity to keep costs down when replacing gear. I have sold on some of my old gear (a spare SLR body, almost unused - less than 1000 shutter operations, has a new owner now). I think the flagship compact G12 would be a very good addition to my bag as sometimes to pull a pavement splitting body and lens out - is rude at beast or such a bad idea your person is threatened.

With a little planning the day can be extremely productive. I will be spending some time working out which seminars will be on my list this year.