Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring sprang, Canon G12 captures it

The Winter of 2010 was pretty bad, not as bad as far back as my childhood on the moors of North Yorkshire when the snow was piled higher than I could see over.

Its nice to see something growing, hawthorn is in full and rampant blossom everywhere in my part of the world. The dog, walking with me, cares not a jot about the renewal and growth on show. All she cares about is rabbit smells and chasing the rabbits for fun.

I obtained a Canon G12 while at FOCUS on Imaging - a simple shot of the blossom (on the left) brings much joy. The only gripe is with Canon's decision to not include a proper user manual. Shame on you Canon! You can obtain the advanced user manual as a PDF on the CD that comes with the G12 or order a printed version (a rather rustic print and spiral bound affair) from the Canon EOS Magazine.