Monday, January 02, 2012

Making a contribution

Back in December I was very pleasantly surprised to be elected onto the organising committee of the ViewFinder Photographic Society, based in Skidby village hall. Actually 'surprised' is a bit of a laugh, I knew I'd been proposed (etc) and the voting process that took place was no secret. I actually had the opportunity to vote for myself. I could only expect to get one vote - mine. As it went I got enough support to be on the committee. So - many thanks to everyone who voted me in!

I really want to put back into the photography club as it gives so much to the members and that is worthwhile in my book. I have already given a presentation on RAW format photography, what it means, why it's important, why you should try it - or why you may not be interested. I plan to next do a presentation on the topic of flash photography some time in the next three months. Maybe even some practical demonstration in there...